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Historic site where the first traces of settlement date back to the Bronze Age, Aigle was uncovered by way of very few archaelogical finds. The first homesteads were known to have been in and around Aigle Castle. Probably built towards the end of the 12th Century, Aigle Castle is without doubt the crown jewel of the town.

A Savoie town, with the presence of local councils from 1232, Aigle was divided into several fiefdoms which depended upon a number of noble families as well as the Abbey of St. Maurice of Agaune. The town took its name from the Savoie family "Alio" whose forefathers sported the nickname "Aquileius" coming from the Latin name for the bird "aquila".

The Burgundy wars between the Swiss and their allies radically changed Aigle's destiny. Affirmed Savoie territory, the region was an important stop off for mercenary troops coming over the Grand St Bernard pass from Italy. They halted in Aigle before regaining the Burgundian army. It was to put an end to this influx of enemy armed forces that the Bernese troops, aided by men from Les Ormonts and the Enhaut country, descended upon Aigle and surrounded the castle in August 1475. 

It was in 1476 that the Congress of Fribourg awarded what is now Chablais vaudois to the Republic of Berne. This region became a "government" using Aigle Castle as its headquarters. It was the first of the french speaking lands to take its seat in the former Swiss Confederation. 

In January 1798 the "Aiglons", along with the rest of the country of Vaud, declared their independence and so became a full member of the helvetic republic, then from 1803, a member of the new helvetic confederation. 

Aigle has been able to preserve its history and is today a town rich in both heritage and culture.

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Office du Tourisme d'Aigle
Rue Colomb 5
1860 Aigle
Phone +41 (0)24 466 30 00
Fax +41 (0)24 466 30 03




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The Tourist Office is open during the following times (April to October) :
Mo-Fr : 8h30-12h and 13h30-18h / Sa : 8h30-12h / Su and public holidays : closed

Office du Tourisme Aigle, Rue Colomb 5, 1860 Aigle, Suisse - Tél +41 (0)24 466 30 00 - Fax +41 (0)24 466 30 03 - info@aigle-tourisme.ch
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